Sweaty Back

“Oh my gosh his back is all sweaty. What in the world?” That was what I was thinking as I walked up to my date sitting at the bar. It’s not a normal thing to see when you meet a guy on a first date. I couldn’t ignore it. I had to ask him why he was sweaty, so I did (in a joking way). His reason, he had ridden his bike to the restaurant because it was nice out and not too far away. Sure, sounds like a good idea for a first date…

We moved to a table (after he paid for his drink) to begin dinner. Once we sat, we began to talk about normal getting to know someone stuff. We ordered a drink and an appetizer. Everything, other than his back, was pretty normal at that point. That is until he decided to get out his Groupon. He wanted to show me why he chose this restaurant. Unfortunately, showing the girl a coupon on a first date does not make her more attracted to you. It actually does the opposite; well with me at least it does. I am not against saving money, but on a first date it makes things a little awkward. What am I supposed to say? “Congrats on getting a Groupon.”, “Yay you are getting a good deal.”, or “I like how you can save money?” It is just always better to show it to the server in private or when the girl goes to the bathroom. After the Groupon moment, things got more uncomfortable and annoying.

During the whole dinner he was on his phone texting or was checking it as it sat on the table next to him. It sat on the table the whole time. I was at least considerate enough in the beginning to check mine when he went to the bathroom. But, after he started on his phone, I started on mine (still hid it under the table when I would text). He just kept checking his phone…not cool! So, I entertained myself by texting one of my friends about how horrible the date was going. Sweaty and I did talk a little and it was nice of him to take me to the restaurant, but I was annoyed most of the date (for good reason). After we finished, he paid the bill and we walked outside. He then asked me where I’d like to go next. I looked at him and said I’m just going to go home. He was shocked because it was early. He mentioned that we could go to a bar (some guys really don’t pay attention or listen). I told him I didn’t want to go anywhere else. He then said,”Okay I’m going to a bar.” I left. It was early, but a bar with him did not sound like fun.

To add to this not so stellar date, my cousin laughed at me when I told her I went out with the guy (I met him when I went out with my cousin and a couple of her friends). She told me that he rode his bike because he probably had a DUI. That made sense considering I knew where he lived. It had to be at least a good 4 miles to his house from the restaurant. Well, I guess I learned a good lesson: always ask my family or friends before going out with someone they know.