Mixed up, maybe just a little…

He may have been a little mixed up, but it made the night intriguing and comical. Wait, before I let you in on the date details, let’s begin at the very beginning…

I met Mixed Up Man online maybe 6 or 7 months prior to our first date. We met and talked through online messages for a little, like every online meeting. We exchanged numbers and texted a little after the first few messages. We never went on a date though. He never asked and I am not a girl who asks guys out. So…I stopped talking to him. Lost was his number in my phone and memory. That is, until one night out with friends I scrolled by and saw his number. (I was trying to figure out a guy’s name that I had run into recently. I thought his number might have been what I was looking for.) Curiosity got the better of me so I texted him asking if we ever met. Funnily enough, he was not who I was looking for, but I did end up finally meeting this mystery guy. My random text started our conversations back up again.

Forward to our date…he took a while to ask, but he did finally ask me to meet him. As we were both getting ready to meet, he called to check my voice. That may seem weird, but when you online date you have your little things that matter. I was honestly glad he called because I usually do the same thing. You have to make sure they have a nice voice and aren’t crazy. I passed his test and he passed mine…the date carried on as planned.

We met at a bar for a couple drinks. As I was walking up, I made sure to see him before he saw me. I was pleasantly surprised, he was really cute. He was also taller than me (he didn’t lie like a lot of guys do online). Too bad I had stopped talking to him when we had originally met, I thought to myself. I sat down and ordered a beer. We happened to pick the night the bar was having a Spelling Bee. He made it less weird and a little more interesting with a bet idea. We picked two people we thought would win and whoever won had to buy the other a beer. Both of us lost unfortunately. But, it made the whole crowded bar and weird moments less awkward. The date was going surprisingly well.

Why the title then you ask? Well, because even though he was cute, fun, outgoing, tall, and seemed like a great catch…he did slip up a couple times. He mixed me up with another girl (or could even be girls). He asked me a few questions about myself and I was like “Umm…nope that’s not me.” ¬†and “No, we did not talk about that.” Then to make that whole mix up conversation even more awkward, he was on his phone later in the night texting someone when he thought I still had my back turned. I happened to turn around and he was like…”You caught me on my phone huh?” Yes, yes I did. I tried to joke with him about it a little and take away the awkwardness of the moment, but we left pretty much right after the phone incident. He walked me to my car and kissed me on my head, which I thought was sweet. I thought maybe there is potential here. Then as he turned to walk away he said, “Text me.” I was dumbfounded. That was definitely a first for me.

So, did we go out again…no. But, we did meet to run together once. Yes, I texted him (to say thank you). The run “date” was nice. He looked good in his running attire. We also talked for a while after the run. The conversation was easy and just flowed. He seemed more relaxed and we got along pretty well. Maybe he had just gotten nervous on our first date and mixed things up a little. I thought we were hitting it off. But after we went for the run, I realized I was not his first choice. He texted me that he wanted to meet and run together on Tuesdays. That was it, Tuesdays were all I would get. Apparently I was his back up (or third string, who knows). I chose to cut things off (again) there. I understand playing the field, I do it too. I don’t care if a guy is dating other women…it’s all part of what online dating entails, I get it.

I can’t say it was a bad date and I have no ill feelings towards the guy. He seemed like a nice guy and definitely was not bad on the eyes. Maybe one day we will cross each other’s path again and maybe this time I’ll let him be my running friend.

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