Mr. Food Court

This story begins with a little thumb swipe to the right. So much potential in those pictures, descriptive words, and first few messages. He seemed like he could be a good fish. Just kidding…only about one thing though.

Mr. Food Court and I met one night online after we both swiped yes. Then our short online conversation began…”What do you do? Do you have kids? Why are you single? How tall are you?” The normal questions. After two short days of online messaging we moved our little chats to real texting. Then later that week we talked on the phone, a real conversation. It was actually a long phone chat, which I am not used to when it comes to men, but I let him continue to talk to me for a while.

The first meeting was decided (on a whim) that Friday. I had an errand to run at a mall and he said he could meet me. It was in between where he and I lived, so it was a good starting point. When I finished my task I texted and he called. He told me he was heading my way and that he’d meet me at the Food Court (hence the title). I responded in a polite way, “What is at this food court? I don’t know this mall.” His response, “I don’t know, but we can walk around and find something.” I paused to figure out what to say next. I then tried to change his mind by offering to drive around and find something near the mall. As I was driving, I named several restaurants that I was driving by. After about 10 minutes, he told me I should go back and park and we can just do the food court. To this, because I have decided honesty really is the best policy with dating, I said “I have never met a guy on a first date/meeting at a food court.” He never had either, “It is a first for him too.”

Since he obviously was not getting my gentle hints, I just said what I wanted to say…”If I am being completely honest, I don’t want to meet at the Food Court. I am not a fan of eating in the middle of rushing shoppers when trying to get to know someone.” He finally got it and we met at an actual restaurant. I chose the place. I parked, got out and surprise! He was parking and getting out at the same time. (No time to calm my nerves for this date.)

I walked over to him and smiled (saying hi, I’m me). He looked at me with a disappointed look. Maybe he didn’t mean to look at me that way, but it’s what I saw. He then began our date by asking if the food would upset his stomach. I responded with I hope not (because I had no clue what else to say to that). I look back now and don’t know why I didn’t just say bye right away. But, I didn’t. We got our lunch, sat down outside, ate and talked for a while. The conversation was actually really nice and easy. He seemed like a nice guy and I did have a nice time (after the beginning parts of course). About an hour after the actual date began, he proposed ending the date to avoid traffic on the roads. We said our goodbyes and I left.

He texted several times after our first date. I did not agree to meet again though. It was a decent date, and I am thankful for that. But…asking to meet at the Food Court, walking up to me with a disappointed look, and then having a negative attitude (his comment about the food)…first impressions mean everything! And his did not make me want more.

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