To Kiss Oar Not?

First kiss on a paddle board…Yes! I had a story I could tell. It’s what every girl wants. Right? You know, the “story” we hope to tell about how we met the guy, where we had our first kiss, how amazing the first date was. Well, now I had one…

We met online, hit it off, met up (he was cute!), had a great first date, and our first kiss was on a paddle board. I know, so romantic. I found a good one. I had a great story to tell. Except, that is not the whole story…we did meet online, we did hit it off, and we did have a great first kiss, but the date had a little, surprising twist.

It all began with a cup of coffee, a delicious breakfast, and a good conversation on a Sunday morning. (Well actually, it all began with a mutual like online, but who’s keeping track.) Things were going well at breakfast and we were clicking. It seemed like we were both into each other, so the date continued. We headed out to go paddle boarding. I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first, but since he had never paddle boarded before and I had, I knew I couldn’t look anything but amazing.

Boards in the water and down the river we went. It was a beautiful day, perfect for being out on the water. As we paddled, we talked and flirted a little. ¬†About halfway down the river, we had our first kiss. He made it so sweet asking first, “Hey wanna have our first kiss on the paddle boards?” So we did. It was cute. A little farther down the river, we stopped at a swimming area, tied up our boards, and went for a cool dip in the water. It was nice to finally see him with his shirt off. No disappointments there; he had sexy pecks, arms, and a nice tan. Not going to lie, I definitely wanted to rub his chest, just a little. The swimming and cooling off was fun and relaxing. Both of us tried not to be knocked and bumped by kids on floats pretty much the whole time.

After we had both had enough of kids running into us and me not wanting to freeze anymore, we left the swimming spot. We paddled back to where we started. I fell off once on the way back, thanks to a person in a canoe. I quickly got back on; I’m not a fan of the slimy weeds or gators in the river. He laughed at me and how I freaked out a little (I was a little embarrassed, but I would of laughed at him too). Once we got back to the little dock, we tied up our boards and went to get a couple beers. Everything was going well, I was having a really good time.

As we sat and drank our beers, we talked a little about ourselves and dating. I asked him questions, he asked me questions, and then somehow I brought up how I don’t date guys with kids. Then all of a sudden he says, “I have a kid.” At fist I thought he was joking, he didn’t have anything about it on his profile. But nope, he wasn’t. Surprise, he has a kid. What do I do now?

I stayed. I was really attracted to him and was having a great first date. I decided to give it a chance. We paddle boarded down the river again. This time we went a less crowded way. It was nice. It seemed a little longer and my arms and legs were exhausted on the way back. I even sat and paddled at one point. Once we got to the dock, this time we tied the boards up and called it a day. We had made a nice day of it, paddling and hanging out for at least 4 hours. We walked to our cars, said our goodbyes, “I’d like to see you agains”, kissed, and left.

We did see each other again one more time after our first date. We had dinner and hung out for a while. Not as romantic and eventful as our first date, but how do you top a date with a first kiss on a paddle board? It was nice though. Things went awry about a week after our second date. We never met up again unfortunately.

Such great potential the Paddle Board Kisser had, but I guess my “great” story will have to wait for another time, another place, and another great first kiss somewhere else (or maybe on a paddle board again).

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