Hello Molly!

Once upon a first date I met a guy who was really cute and grabbed my interest immediately. He was in good shape, had a nice butt, and was definitely chill. I thought to myself, “This could turn into a second and possibly a third date.” And then he decided to tell me about Molly.

But, let’s go back to the happy beginning. We met online and chatted several times before meeting in person. He had a good job, seemed to have his life together, and had good looking pictures. He also loved to travel. He was actually a traveler, not just a guy who says he wants to travel. I was excited to meet a guy who really does travel and enjoy life. The cards seemed to be lining up. We decided to meet. He picked the place (his place was not open so we ended up meeting at his second choice).

We met in Sanford at a cool, divey bar. It looked interesting, but not the best place for a first date. So, we walked to a place close by that he and I both knew would have good food. As the date went along, we seemed to get along pretty well; he definitely could hold a conversation. I completely relaxed and was enjoying talking with him. We ordered some food and a couple beers. We had discussed several different topics ranging from his family to places he has been and where I would like to travel. I was enjoying his company and was excited at the prospect of meeting a normal, fun, cute guy. The night was going pretty well.

Then began the conversation about music. We talked about what kind of music he likes, music I like, and about how we both love live music whether at a concert or a festival. He told me about a couple festivals he had been to. Then he told me about his good friend, Molly. Apparently Molly is really good at helping him stay awake and enjoy festivals. “He doesn’t want to sleep, he wants to stay awake to dance and enjoy the music,” so he told me. He only likes her when he’s at a festival, but he mentioned it because he wanted to make sure I was okay with that. Umm? Things turned a little uncomfortable at that point. He did well with changing the topic after that and we did stay and talk for a little longer (I was hoping Molly was a minor detail). I, at this point, had enjoyed the date. As we were walking to our cars we stopped to listen to a couple singers at an open mic night. Then we left. No kiss, just the normal first date goodbye hug and I’d like to see you again. I honestly didn’t quite know what to think about the Molly stuff, but I said that I’d like to see him again too.

A couple days after our date, I did hear from him. We texted about random stuff and then he asked some questions about traveling and me wanting to move. (I had told him before we met that I wanted to eventually move out of FL.) He wanted to know when I wanted to move and if I’d be happy with just staying in FL and traveling a lot. I of course, told him no. To sum it all up, he apparently didn’t want to go falling for me if I was really going to move out of FL one day…understandable. Our conversations ended there. As far as a second or third date…they never happened. And as for Molly, I guess I don’t need to worry about her anymore.

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