Sometimes the ones you want just don’t want you enough…

I met Pilot online. His profile seemed decent and his pictures were a mix of “maybe he doesn’t photograph well” and “he looks cute”. He “liked” me and I “liked” him, so we started to chat. We talked online for just a couple days at most. Then we moved the conversation to the actual phone. He sounded cute on the phone (always a plus) and I enjoyed talking to him. We seemed to hit it off, so we agreed to meet. I made the plans, with his help, and we picked the day.

The day we picked turned out to be a rainy day, but it ended up being the perfect setting for the first date. Crazily enough, I had him pick me up at my place for the first date. I know, not a good idea, but I lived in an apartment at the time. I met him in the parking lot, therefore he did not know which car or unit was mine. Where he was parked waiting, he’d have to stalk the area for a while to figure out where I lived. Back to the date…I was nervous as I walked up to meet him (remember his pictures were a mix of good looking and hmm??), but he made it all good within a matter of minutes. It was raining, so I just walked up and got in the car. We kind of hugged in the car and said “Hi.” It could have been really weird, but it just felt natural. He was well dressed and actually was good looking (silent cheer in my head at that moment). That was a relief.

We had talked about going to a couple different Breweries around the area and just exploring my favorite side of Orlando. (He was from California so I wanted to make sure he would want to come back.) We started with the one I liked the most. When we sat down I was still a little nervous; I get nervous around guys I’m attracted to. But he was really good at helping me relax. We talked about a lot of different things: his job, my job, his hobbies, my hobbies, his pictures on Instagram, and I of course showed him some of mine. After a while, I did relax completely (maybe due to the beer) and just couldn’t stop looking at him. He seriously had a way about him that I was attracted to. We had a few “everyone else would throw up moments” when we looked at each other and I would blush. All I could think about was how awesome he seemed, how well we got along, and how comfortable I was with him already (feel free to throw up again).

We eventually did have our “first kiss” and it wasn’t bad. Who am I kidding, it was great. I relaxed a lot more after that and found myself just wanting to be closer to him. (I know…barf.) After having a couple beers at the first place, we left and moved on so I could show him another cool place. We didn’t actually go inside, just walked by. It was kind of nice just walking outside in the rain (more of a light drizzle). As we were walking, he randomly said “Let’s jump in the puddle.” I hesitated, but agreed and so we did. He tried to splash me, but ended up getting his own pants all wet in the process. It was such a childish fun moment, but made me like him a little more (yes, I know, gag again). We got back in his car and went back to my place to dry his pants. As his pants dried, we played board games. No joke, we sat and had a great time playing board games.

Later on we ended up going out to dinner to another favorite place of mine. The food was good and the company was even better. We had no problem keeping the conversation going; everything just seemed so easy and natural. It really seemed like I had met a good candidate. After dinner, he took me home and we said goodnight. I was definitely looking forward to seeing him again…

And we did meet up again a couple more times before he flew back to Cali. We ran together once (he offered to help me with my training) and watched the Super Bowl together that same night. Again, another great date. And oh, he is even sexier in his running attire. There is something about a guy who supports what you do that makes him that much more attractive. Unfortunately, he did go back to Cali and I had to say goodbye. The last night we hung out, we talked about where things stood. I understood, but a girl can still hold onto some hope that the guy wants more right?

Since our first dates, we have stayed friends and continue to hang out when he comes back into town, but that is all it has turned into. A great time is always had when he’s here and I have found myself still hoping (once in a while) that one day he will want something more. But, then he leaves. Sometimes the ones you want just don’t want you enough…

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