The Bowler

Have you ever been on a date with a guy who bowls amazingly well? Me too. But it was not this guy. This guy was actually pretty bad, but thought he was pretty good. It made for a very interesting first date.

I met Bowler online. Like most online experiences, we chatted a little before going on the date. (I have found it is better to not talk too long or too much before meeting; no expectations and no let down when the connection just isn’t there in person.) He planned the date, which was a plus for him. Things were looking pretty good.

The date began at a bowling alley. The initial meeting was a little awkward, but we got through it. We got our shoes, set up on a lane and began to have fun. Well, I may have had a little more fun than him to be honest. He was not good. I didn’t laugh at him, I was nice, but I definitely love to laugh when telling the story now. His bowling stance was not one to be desired, nor did it help him bowl more effectively. When he walked down to bowl, he literally walked so stiff and then rolled the ball with a simple straight arm toss. Then came the best part, after his ball hit, he would turn around and whip his hand up to his mouth to blow his fingers like a gun (modeled above). Now, this would be cool if he had bowled a strike or maybe even a spare, but not when you only knock down 2 or 3 pins. Come on man! Anyhow, we played 3 games. He tried really hard to do well, but I beat him every game. He looked at me and said something along the lines of “Let’s play air hockey. I need to beat you at something tonight.” My response, “Okay, but I am good at air hockey too.” We played 3 games of air hockey. Guess who won? Me. Yes, all 3 games. The poor guy, after the third game, said he was done and had lost enough of his manhood. So we left.

We moved onto the dinner portion of the date. By this time, I kind of actually wanted to leave because the date had turned pretty awkward, but I stayed. I try to give guys a few chances before giving up on them completely, so I decided to give him another chance with dinner. However, while we were waiting to be seated, I realized I should have just left after bowling. He started a conversation remembering about high school. Apparently students were bused into his school and he did not like those kids; they were mean to him (and I think he told me they picked on him). He thought it was okay to admit to me he used to say those kids would be serving him one day. I just looked at him with shock and told him that wasn’t nice to say about people. Right after that, we got to sit, so the conversation stopped. Yes, I still sat down and ate dinner with him. Why, I don’t know.  I think I’m just too nice sometimes.

Dinner went fast, thankfully. No drinks (my way of saying I’m not interested). I think at some point I gave off the vibe I was not happy with how things turned or I was bored, because he didn’t say much. After dinner we parted ways and that was okay, he wasn’t a strike in my book anyways.


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